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What you should know before painting a radiator

29 June 2020

Painting radiators might seem like a fun DIY project to take on, and an easy way to spruce up an old radiator. However, when it comes to painting your radiator, things aren’t as simple as they might seem.

Painting a radiator requires more commitment, skill and investment than you might think, and if done incorrectly, can negatively affect not just the look of your radiator, but potentially its efficiency too.

Radiator efficiency is of the utmost importance nowadays, with economical and environmental concerns at the forefront of homeowners’ minds, and for good reason. Saving energy and money can be achieved by more than simply turning off the heating. In fact, your choice of appliances can affect your energy bills by up to 50%!

So if painting your radiator is your solution to saving money, the truth is that there are far better alternatives out there.

Before you grab your paintbrush, we’re going to take you through the real process of painting your radiator, and what alternatives are available to you.

Aluminium Radiators: Are They Worth It?

15 June 2020

Radiators traditionally were made from steel or cast iron, however, technological and manufacturing advancements in recent years have, without a doubt, transformed the home heating industry. Where radiators historically have been limited in terms of materials, colours and styles, nowadays you’re spoilt for choice!

Aluminium radiators are becoming more and more popular, as they boast a range of benefits that are both energy and cost-saving. Among some of the most efficient radiators out there, here’s what you need to know if you’re interested in installing aluminium radiators in your home.

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