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Save 6% on all orders. Code: MAR6
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Choosing the Most Efficient Radiator

4 March 2019

Stainless steel designer radiatorWhether due to rising energy prices or the threat of global warming, energy efficiency is something that we should all be concerned with. It really doesn’t matter if you’re looking to save the environment or save some money, choosing appliances that maximise their energy use is a sensible option by any standards.

When it comes to radiators there are three aspects that tend to affect their efficiency: material, colour, and size.


Most modern radiators are made out of aluminium, which heats up a room very quickly and, likewise, cools down quickly too, offering great energy efficiency. Compare that to older models, often made of cast iron, which would keep a room warm long after they were switched off, but seemed to take forever to heat up in the first place. Steel radiators combine the best of both worlds, being quick to heat up a room, but retaining the heat better than the aluminium equivalent – ideal in winter months when you want your rooms to stay warmer for longer, without breaking the bank to heat them.


Unsurprisingly, a dark, matt finish can increase the heat efficiency of your radiator by improving heat output. While this can be achieved with paints, those extra layers can often reduce efficiency by dampening the effectiveness of the radiator material.

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Why anthracite radiators are 2019's must have design feature

5 February 2019

Like any form of home improvement, heating systems have trends that go in and out of style. Today we’re looking at the latest big movement in central heating: anthracite radiators.

As we become more conscious of our surroundings, tastes shift from the functional and the merely decorative to something combining qualities of both, and anthracite radiators certainly tick all of the boxes. Here at the Heating Boutique, we have been aware of the growing demand for these units over the last twelve months or so, and it is definitely heading towards being the “must buy” home improvement for 2019.

What is anthracite?

Anthracite is a high-end variety of coal noted for the purity of its carbon and the dark grey smoke it emits when burning. It is also the name given to the dark, smoky, charcoal colour used in our extensive range of anthracite radiators.

Effortlessly stylish

As household fashions tend towards decluttering and minimalism, monochromatic colour schemes remain as popular as ever. A backdrop of whites and creams on the walls, ceilings, and carpets, with dark wood and metal furniture providing accents to a room. With anthracite radiators, even your central heating system becomes part of an overall design. Standing out starkly against pale backgrounds, their sombre, smoky tones add style and elegance to any room.

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