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Curved or Straight Heated Towel Rails?

5 November 2019

Curved anthracite heated towel rail

When choosing a heated towel rail, you may want to consider the colour, finish and length, however, the shape is just as important. We sell a variety depending on what your individual preference is, here we will discuss their differences, and what you can stand to gain from either a curved or straight towel rail.

Curved Towel Rails

It is posited that curved heated towel rails tend to be easier to place your items into such as the Diva - Black and the Linea-Chrome that are both listed on our website. This is because it gives more space between the wall, to be able to place your damp or wet items through. Although it can be functionally very advantageous it also depends upon the nature of the bathroom where it is placed and whether it will fit appropriately to the other aspects of the room. With the increasing trend of interior designers using free-standing rounded bathing tubs and rounded washing basins a curved device will fit in adeptly with the rest of your bathroom. With this taken into consideration as well as the dimensions listed on the site, the space in your bathroom will also be integral in your choice.

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Beat the Weather and Take Control of Your Heating with the Salus iT500

3 October 2019

Salus iT500 Smart Heating

The Salus iT500 is a subversive collection here at The Heating Boutique - created to make your home a smart place to live.

An energy-efficient home is important, saving you not only time but money and with smart heating options such as this, it is easy to control your designer radiators and heated towel rails temperatures.

How does the Salus iT500 range work?

Salus iT500 products are designed around you and your everyday activities. Controlling your heating and water gauges, this innovative range can become a valuable asset to your household and improve the way you operate the functionality of your home.

With smart wireless technology embedded, you can take control by using the internet, allowing you to manage your internal system through a variety of ways such as your mobile, laptop and tablet.

What are the benefits of using Salus iT500 energy-efficient products?

Not only is this range energy efficient, but you can choose from either a single zone or multi-zone package - providing you with options for your personal preferences.

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