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Introducing the HB Essentials Compact Range & HB Signature range

4 October 2017

HB Essentials Zena White

At the Heating Boutique, we're pleased to introduce two new ranges designed to help you heat your home with style and efficiency. Manufactured from the best quality materials, these heated towel rails and designer and column radiators feature a range of finishes that allow you to create a modern home heating system without compromising on design or performance.

HB Essentials: cost effective style and performance

Our new Essentials range includes ladder style heated towel rails in sleek and contemporary white or stunning mirrored chrome finishes, plus our Compact convector radiators that are both discreetly stylish and highly efficient. Available in single and double panel configurations and a huge range of sizes, these Compact convector radiators are ideal for even the tightest spot, and come in a white gloss finish that blends effortlessly with any decor.

There's nothing budget about these radiators and towel rails; from the high-quality finish to the solid steel construction. Known for its thermal conductivity, steel is the material of choice for high performance radiators, and products and accessories from the Essentials range will provide years of flawless service. Supplied with a 5 or 10-year peace of mind guarantee, our Essentials radiators and heated towel rails are the savvy choice for the budget and style conscious home owner.

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Why a Quinn radiator is the best choice of convector radiator for you

5 September 2017

Quinn convector radiatorFor years, convector radiators have been a popular way to heat the home of many UK families. Offering a wide range of benefits when compared to single panel and double panel radiators, they can quickly and efficiently heat your home with less lost energy than a standard single panel radiator.

Type 21 Quinn radiators, also known as double panel plus radiators, are neither double or single panel and instead feature double panels with a single convection row between the two. Type 21 Quinn convection radiators start in sizes of 400mmx600mm up to 600mmx2000mm and are the perfect mid-range choice for medium-size rooms or rooms where the size type 11 radiator needed for required energy is inadequate.

Type 22 Quinn radiators feature double panels and double convectors between the panels, making them the best, most cost-effective choice for primary heating of the home or office. Type 22 Quinn radiators come in sizes ranging from 300mmx500mm to 700mmx1400mm and are perfect for offices, large rooms, rooms with French windows or where a smaller radiator with a larger output than a type 11 or 21 can provide is needed.

Type 11 Quinn radiators have a single radiator panel and a single row of convection fins. Type 11 Quinn radiators come in sizes starting from 300mmx500mm and go up to sizes of 700mmx1400mm. These radiators are best for smaller rooms or hallways, requiring less heat output and with good insulation and low heat loss.

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