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Save 15% on all orders. Code: AUG15
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Choosing the Best Radiators for Maximising Wall Space

3 September 2018

Anthracite vertical column radiator

With many new-builds being built to smaller dimensions to counteract increased house prices, home-owners are having to maximise floor and wall space with everything from furniture to personal belongings, and that’s before they consider installing radiators in the property.

With winter around the corner, a good set of radiators is essential. Here are some tips to help you choose a radiator that maximises your wall space.

Calculate your BTU

BTU, or British Thermal Units, are a way to measure the heat energy required to warm up a room. When dealing with confined spaces, an accurate BTU is essential as you might otherwise be overspending on larger models that pump out more heat than you need.

You can find a free BTU calculator at the Heating Boutique website.

Vertical radiators

Vertical radiators are a great way to save space. Not only modern and stylish, they can be fitted almost anywhere. Despite their vertical mounting, they generate the same amount of heat as any horizontal radiator, warming your room in no time.

Our Pick: HB Signature Alpha Traditional Anthracite Vertical Column Radiators

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Single Panel v Double Panel Radiators

3 August 2018

Single panel radiator

Most UK households tend to favour convector radiators, commonly known as panel radiators. We’re sure you know the type we’re talking about: usually made from metal, often a classic white in colour, and generally sited horizontally along the wall at floor level.

This popular model is broken down further into two main types: single panel radiators and double panel radiators, so which is the better choice for you?

Heat output

Whether a double or a single panel radiator, both pump out heat in the same manner. Hot water flows into the radiator panel from your central heating system, heating up the metal panel which subsequently releases the heat into the room, warming the air. How much heat is released is simply a matter of surface area: the larger the panel, the more heat is released, and the more efficient the radiator is. By default, the double panel radiator scores highly here, literally having twice the surface area, thus twice the heat output of a similarly sized single panel model.

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