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Save 10% on all orders. Code: JAN10
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Aladdin Autovents: Self Bleeding Radiator Valves

2 January 2019

Aladdin autoventAladdin autovents are a revolutionary piece of heating hardware that completely does away with the need to bleed your radiators manually. This means that your heating systems and radiators will be able to operate to their full capacity, maintaining heat efficiency throughout the house and reducing heating bills as a result.

How do Aladdin autovents work?

Aladdin autovents are designed around hygroscopic washers in the valve mechanism. The first time your radiator fills with water, air is expelled through the valve until the water pushes on the underside of the mechanism, sealing it off completely. When the radiator heats up, the temperature of the Aladdin autovent rises and the water that has been absorbed by the washer evaporates through the cap. Any build-up of air in the radiator will seep out slowly and silently through the valve, allowing the water level to rise and trigger the mechanism again.

The washer cartridges are guaranteed for five years of operation, after which air might begin to collect in the radiator again. When you purchase the replaceable cartridge autovent (HV30C-1) you will simply need to replace the cartridge. When you purchase the non replaceable one (HV30-1), you will need to purchase a replacement autovent.

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A Guide to Keeping Your Home Warm this Winter

3 December 2018

Certicle radiator

As cold weather sweeps through the country and we experience the first winter frosts, it’s time to say farewell to the summer and start wrapping up. This winter is set to be one of the coldest on record and the Met Office advises people to be prepared. At the Heating Boutique we wanted to share our heating knowledge, so follow our tips to get your homes ready for winter,

save money and enjoy cosy nights in.

Radiator Maintenance

Did you know that it’s recommended to replace your radiators every fifteen years? If they are older than fifteen years, they are unlikely to be heating your home effectively and you would benefit from upgrading to new, more energy efficient ones. We’ve got different designs in both vertical and horizontal radiators, and slimline options that will tuck away out of sight. Or consider our designer options in different colours and styles along with a range of accessories that will look fantastic as well as keeping you warm.

If your radiators aren’t ready to be replaced yet but they could do with some maintenance, then bleeding and flushing them should be top priorities.

By bleeding your radiator, you can reduce air that becomes trapped inside. Air is much less efficient at conducting heat compared to water so will create cold patches on the surface of the radiator which don’t seem to heat up properly, no matter how high you turn the temperature up.

On the other hand, flushing a radiator removes the sludge that builds up over time through tiny particles in the water and rust combining together. In the same way as air building up, this stops your radiator from heating properly. The added danger of this sludge is that it may pass through the pipes and onto the boiler where it can create serious and expensive damage.

It can be difficult at first glance to know whether the problem is air or sludge, but we would recommend doing both annually. Your radiators and boilers will thank you for it. For more information on radiator maintenance, take a look at our blog post on radiator problem solving.

If you've had a go at these maintenance ideas and your radiators are still not heating effectively, it may be time to replace them, even if you're not up to fifteen year mark.

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