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Aladdin Autovents: Self Bleeding Radiator Valves

2 January 2019

Aladdin autoventAladdin autovents are a revolutionary piece of heating hardware that completely does away with the need to bleed your radiators manually. This means that your heating systems and radiators will be able to operate to their full capacity, maintaining heat efficiency throughout the house and reducing heating bills as a result.

How do Aladdin autovents work?

Aladdin autovents are designed around hygroscopic washers in the valve mechanism. The first time your radiator fills with water, air is expelled through the valve until the water pushes on the underside of the mechanism, sealing it off completely. When the radiator heats up, the temperature of the Aladdin autovent rises and the water that has been absorbed by the washer evaporates through the cap. Any build-up of air in the radiator will seep out slowly and silently through the valve, allowing the water level to rise and trigger the mechanism again.

The washer cartridges are guaranteed for five years of operation, after which air might begin to collect in the radiator again. When you purchase the replaceable cartridge autovent (HV30C-1) you will simply need to replace the cartridge. When you purchase the non replaceable one (HV30-1), you will need to purchase a replacement autovent.

What are the advantages of Aladdin autovents?

Air in a radiator can cause serious problems with both heating and corrosion. A mere two inches of air in your standard household radiator can result in up to 75% heating inefficiency. By automatically evacuating unwanted air from your radiators Aladdin autovents not only help to reduce energy and heating costs, but they also extend the lifetime of your central heating system components by reducing the chance of metal corrosion.

Do Aladdin autovents work with any heating system?

With a range of Aladdin autovent models available, you should be able to find one to suit your particular radiator. At The Heating Boutique, we stock the most popular sizes including 1/4" and 1/2". In addition, Aladdin autovents are also available for towel rails and underfloor heating systems.

The range of Aladdin products we stock are available to order online and come with fast UK delivery. Most orders placed your order before 1pm are eligible for delivery on the next working day, with no added charge.

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