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June 2019

Modern Metal Radiator Colour Choices

5 June 2019

Silver radiatorHere at The Heating Boutique, we have an extensive range of designer radiators suitable for any home. A quick browse through our online store will give you some idea of the sheer size of our selection and the significant number of design points available to our customers. Indeed, if you’re looking to reinvigorate your house with a charming new set of radiators, the choice alone can be daunting.

Let’s lessen the burden by tackling just one single aspect of the design: the colour.

Anthracite radiators

Anthracite is one of our customers’ most popular picks for a modern-looking radiator, and it’s easy to see why. The smoky matt finish you achieve with this material is quite unlike any other and produces a stylish effect with even the most minimalist design.

Chrome radiators

Naturally reflective, chrome radiators are a great addition to a smaller property. Not only are the radiators themselves delightfully slimline but they also give the illusion of extra space.

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