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Choosing the Most Efficient Radiator

4 March 2019

Stainless steel designer radiatorWhether due to rising energy prices or the threat of global warming, energy efficiency is something that we should all be concerned with. It really doesn’t matter if you’re looking to save the environment or save some money, choosing appliances that maximise their energy use is a sensible option by any standards.

When it comes to radiators there are three aspects that tend to affect their efficiency: material, colour, and size.


Most modern radiators are made out of aluminium, which heats up a room very quickly and, likewise, cools down quickly too, offering great energy efficiency. Compare that to older models, often made of cast iron, which would keep a room warm long after they were switched off, but seemed to take forever to heat up in the first place. Steel radiators combine the best of both worlds, being quick to heat up a room, but retaining the heat better than the aluminium equivalent – ideal in winter months when you want your rooms to stay warmer for longer, without breaking the bank to heat them.


Unsurprisingly, a dark, matt finish can increase the heat efficiency of your radiator by improving heat output. While this can be achieved with paints, those extra layers can often reduce efficiency by dampening the effectiveness of the radiator material.

Better to choose a radiator with a natural dark finish, such as the range of anthracite models available in the Heating Boutique online store.

Anthracite radiatorSize

At its simplest, the larger the surface area, the more heat your radiator will generate. However, it’s not a simple case of length multiplied by width, as we’re talking about the entire surface area, including convectors, fins, and multiple panels. A triple-panel radiator, for instance, will generate considerably more heat for its size, and for the amount of water it holds, than a single panel radiator of the same size.

Here at the Heating Boutique, we have an extensive range of designer radiators available in all colours, materials, and sizes, so finding the one that matches your energy efficiency requirements should not be a problem. For more advice, feel free to get in touch, a member of our team will be happy to discuss your various options. Remember, all of our products benefit from fast delivery times across the whole of the UK, with most orders placed before 13:00 eligible for next day delivery with no additional charges.

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