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Smart Home Range

5 November 2018

Salus iT600Smart technology now touches almost every part of our lives and is making a big difference in the way we control our home environment. With a focus on seamless control, convenience and efficiency, The Heating Boutique are delighted to offer the new Salus iT600 Smart to help you heat your home.

The Salus iT600

At the heart of the Salus iT600 system is the Universal Gateway which connects all your devices and gives you the power to change them from your phone.

The smart thermostat and radiator valves work together to create distinct zones in your home that can be controlled individually so you heat the rooms that you want, not the entire house. This means that your heating can be tailored to your own lifestyle, with clear economic and environmental benefits.

A Comprehensive Solution

More than just smart heating, the Salus iT600 offers a full smart home system. Lights, appliances and even doors and windows can be connected to this smart system. By using smart plugs that fit between the electric socket and the appliance plug, you can control everything from lamps to slow cookers either manually or on a timer. Window and door sensors allow you to detect when they are open or closed and easily check that your house is secure before you leave.

Different Options For Convenient Control

The Salus iT600 works with Amazon Echo’s voice command, or can be controlled by phone, PC or tablet. Change your settings individually or group them together under one control, for example to lower all the downstairs heating zones when you go up to bed. In addition you can control the smart system to change settings on a timer or create preconfigured rules in response to certain events, for even more automation. The OneTouch function means your most commonly used settings are saved on the dashboard and never more than a touch away.

Simple to set up and to use and boiler plus compliant, the iT600 Smart Heating is available to order from our online store. We offer extremely fast delivery times with most orders placed before 1pm eligible for next day delivery, completely free of charge.

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