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Top Reasons to Choose a Black Radiator

3 April 2019

Black radiator

We see trends develop in every walk of life and the world of radiators is no different. Here at the Heating Boutique we can say with certainty that black radiators are among our most popular products at the moment. It’s not just that they look great – although they do. Here are just some of the reasons so many of our customers are opting for a black finish to their radiators.


When it comes to energy efficient radiators, what we’re really talking about is how quickly they can heat up a room. Studies show that a matt black finish to your main radiator panels allows for swifter conduction of heat across the surface area, reducing warm-up times, and saving you money in the process.

Focal points and accents

For the aesthetically minded, a black radiator can form a great focal point in any room, almost taking the role of an accent wall. Indeed, some of our black vertical radiators, like the impressive Carisa Sophia Mirror Black Vertical Designer Radiator and the Carisa Elvino Bath Black Vertical Designer Radiator are almost a work of art in themselves (albeit a highly functional one).

Carisa Elvino Black Designer RadiatorComplementary

Black radiators go well with anything. As a colour, there are few shades or hues that it does not complement. Whether providing effective shadow tones to an already dark background, or a striking contrast to more brightly coloured walls, black radiators rarely look out of place.

Wide range of designs

With black being such a popular choice, radiator designers are going all-in with exciting new designs coming out all the time. From tubular column radiators and black heated towel rails for the bathroom, all the way to avant-garde designer radiators, you’re never short of choice when picking a design to suit you and your home.

Here at the Heating Boutique, all of our radiators – whatever the colour – benefit from fast delivery times right across the UK. Order before 1pm and most can be delivered the next working day with no additional charges.

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