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Why anthracite radiators are 2019's must have design feature

5 February 2019

Like any form of home improvement, heating systems have trends that go in and out of style. Today we’re looking at the latest big movement in central heating: anthracite radiators.

As we become more conscious of our surroundings, tastes shift from the functional and the merely decorative to something combining qualities of both, and anthracite radiators certainly tick all of the boxes. Here at the Heating Boutique, we have been aware of the growing demand for these units over the last twelve months or so, and it is definitely heading towards being the “must buy” home improvement for 2019.

What is anthracite?

Anthracite is a high-end variety of coal noted for the purity of its carbon and the dark grey smoke it emits when burning. It is also the name given to the dark, smoky, charcoal colour used in our extensive range of anthracite radiators.

Effortlessly stylish

As household fashions tend towards decluttering and minimalism, monochromatic colour schemes remain as popular as ever. A backdrop of whites and creams on the walls, ceilings, and carpets, with dark wood and metal furniture providing accents to a room. With anthracite radiators, even your central heating system becomes part of an overall design. Standing out starkly against pale backgrounds, their sombre, smoky tones add style and elegance to any room.

Carisa Motion Anthracite RadiatorsIn every direction

While you can certainly get the traditional horizontal radiator in an anthracite finish, why not take the opportunity to experiment with vertical radiators? Just as efficient as their more traditional counterparts, vertical anthracite radiators look as much like pieces of modern art as heating fixtures.

The shape of things to come

For the truly modern look, why not branch out into something completely different? With anthracite radiators coming in a range of shapes and sizes from short and long alternating tubular pipework to smooth panels and more, your hot new look (pardon the pun) is limited only by your imagination.

All of the models mentioned above, and many more besides, are available to order today from the Heating Boutique. Delivery across the UK is fast and efficient, with most orders placed before 1pm being eligible for next day delivery, with no added fee.

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